Sep 8, 2013

Time to Shape Up for Teaching My Last Year

Ready for this?  The number-one reason agents pass on requesting a full manuscript after reading the opening chapters is this: the story does not have a forward-moving plot. (Kristin Nelson)
I agree, but I live with a much more important connection: IMO the number-one reason that students tune out of a class is this: the lesson does not have a forward-moving plot!
If ENGAGEMENT and ASSOCIATION to the CHARACTERS work for stories and novels, these strategies should be every teacher's tour de force in preparing lesson plans.  Tour de force: a feat or display of strength, skill, or ingenuity
So this year, of all years, my swansong, my curtain call, I pledge to be forward-moving, to be forward in planning, forward in triggering questions, forward in formative assessments--not so swift to judge and move on. Thanks to Kristin Nelson
If you're a teacher or a writer, or just curious, check her out at     The article about catching the reader in a vise grip is toward the bottom of the posting.