Jan 28, 2010

Caren Johnson Agency Pitch Fest

It's been a long time while we survived Christmas, then a big milestone birthday, and some nasty weather at my house. But back to the saddle.....it's Pitch Fest Day. Hello Elana Roth!

Here's my pitch for the day.

In a small town where a boy's suspicions aren't taken seriously by the authorities, a predator could do a lot of damage before someone can stop him. Only a few days into the school year, Mick Hawthorn, curious eighth-grader and kidnapping survivor, begins to suspect the true intentions of a new charismatic pastor who's become part of the school faculty. If anyone is going to step up and expose the dangers of a possible pedophile and kidnapper, it's going to have to be Mick.

STANDING for SOMETHING is an upper middle-grades novel especially written to remind boys that being young doesn't mean you're powerless.

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KLM said...

Hi, Kate! Got your message over at my blog and thanks so much for your offer to read in the future. I've just begun my newest WIP, but when I'm done, I shall keep you in mind! (Always nice to have someone new to inflict my writing upon -- muwhahaha!)Send me an email at kalmdown@verizon.net so that I have your email. Cheers, Kristen L-M