Mar 23, 2010

Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Once again, the variable weather of Arkansas has given us a Spring Break to remember. Nearly 14 inches of snow in March! Probably not at all odd for Michigan, but a once-in-awhile surprise in Arkansas. Then within 24 hours, 60 degree weather and the snow's gone, except for Constable winks of crystals under bushes and tucked into crevices betweens stones. Today it's lovely. Brilliant sunshine and the smells of spring, even if the damp is chilly rather than warm.

Lingering Winter
Footsteps clattering like magpies,
hungry sparrows, giant robins

Secret breezy whispers fluttering
like pigeons and mourning doves

Holiday scents gilding by
on lingering drifts of cold, dry air

Fleeting giggles in quick windy swirls
of crunchy brown leaves

Forgotten blossoms of summer sighing
like tiny fishes weaving between wands of seagrass


Tears of spring
swirling warm mist
showers of sharp knives

Inhale slowly
breathe in pale sunlite dreams
possibly fog.

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